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Don't know the reason for this group photograph...
Back Row: Ernie Rossi, Steve Wade, Bob Misewicz, Dave McCune, Steve Vize, Larry Richardson, Terry
Waldron, ????, Ken Stanford, ????, ????, ????.

Front Row: Ethyl Bankston, ????, ????, Barb Merriman, Paul Miller, Tom Moeller, Ken Zamora  
Jerry and Ceil Frederick.
Don't know what they are watching..
Jeff Pritz and Gary Markley
Lou Fumagalli, Virgil Karales, Dave Sheedy
and their spouses.
Mark Turri
Jerry Schoditsch and Dave Rishel
Dick McCrite, Bill Galloway and their spouses.
Don Blomquist, Addie Blomquist, ????,  and Rich Tallon
and spouse.
Tom Fazio with Jerry Fugina and their spouses.
Bob Horvath and spouse
Dale Choate
Refinery Manager
Bobby Crayton talks with some
youngsters about something??
Ice Sculptures for celebration???
Chuck Squellati and wife meet Elvis.
Ken Zamora
Larry Gallager
Mark Turri and Family
Jack Eisenmann
Refinery Manager
Joe Marcinek
(Thanks to Dennis Witt for helping me out with some of
the names on this page!)
Mike Schindler
Ernie Rossi
Mike Bell
Joel Maness
Jim Reuther, Joe Bacigalupo
in background
Joann Hayes and spouse
Ralph Haberski and Dan Hatzl
Dave Cast
Michelle Summers, Brent Freeman
Rick Miller meets Elvis
Mike Schindler
Mike Schindler
Mike Schindler
Mike Schindler
Mike Schindler
Mike Schindler
Ed "Tuna" Swartz and Spouse
Kerry Daniels and spouse
Lilliana Gachich
Jim Bruno
Vic Elias and Spouse
Randi Lenci with friend.
This looks like the VVP celebration in the tent on Refinery Grounds.  I see Mark Duke (2nd from left).  He
was the one who came up with the Starship name for the Refinery.  Could be Tom Cole at the microphone.  
I see Tom Moeller and possibly Mike Hage (2nd from right.
Al Thompson
Rex Myers and spouse
This looks like Rita Washburn and Mike Hage.  The fella on the right is Rita's Husband, Eddie.
Pat  and Roger Wagner, Tom Pritchard and spouse, Barb Merriman, Larry Hughes , ????
Ray Loetscher and spouse.
Barb Merriman and Larry Hughes, ????